Coca-Cola will be still be drinkable after a nuclear war

I suspect the report that I’ve just been reading is fairly well known.  But I’ve not encountered it before.  Just click on the text below to see it in full.


I think this will be the last post on this blog.  Going out with a bang, so to speak.  Best wishes, David Chesneau


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Who knows about power transmission technology?

I quite often lie in bed looking at the overhead power supply to a nearby farm.  (Yes, I’m a sad soul!)  Here’s a photo of the top of a pole that’s nearby.   It’s obvious which are the main conductors, and the insulators supporting them.  But what about the additional components?  I assume they’re there to provide lightning protection;  but how exactly do they work?  Do they provide a relatively low impedence discharge path for the lightning surge??  It seems unlikely that they create a high impedence path to isolate a length of line from the rest of the network in the event of a strikce…

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Corvid Virus

If you Google ‘Corvid virus’, you’ll be presented with – as of yesterday – 188,000 ‘hits’…

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Forthcoming IET Surrey events

Colin has – as promised – provided more information about a couple of forthcoming IET events.  Click on the table below for more details:

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Cybersecurity, meeting 2nd March

Following today’s excellent talk, Rob May has provided a copy of the slides that he showed.  Click on the slide below to see them all.

Rob’s TED Talk can be found here:

His books can be found here: and here:  They’re quite affordable!

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