IET lecture – Electric Vehicles and The Grid

Colin mentioned a forthcoming IET lecture at our last meeting.  Here, a bit late in the day, are the details.  (To register, just click anywhere on the information below).

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Science is a political matter

From time to time, the S&T Group really ought to look at the bigger picture.  So here’s a very recent, thought-provoking, item in the Economist.  (The Economist operates a ‘pay wall’, so, if you browse its pages from time to time without a paid subscription, you might have used all your free access.  But with luck you won’t have that problem).  Click on the picture as usual.


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Colorectal Cancer Screening, 7th January

Professor Halloran has kindly provided us with a selection of the slides that he showed yesterday.  You’ll find them HERE.

As a bonus, he has also provided a link to the ‘Poo Song’ developed for Scotland’s screening programme.  Here it is:  Enjoy!

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Group programme, Spring 2019

07/01/2019 Bowel cancer Prof Halloran, MBE FRCPath Prof. Emeritus University of Surrey
04/02/2019 Marine Robotics Mr Steve Hall The Society for Underwater Technology
04/03/2019 Laser Gyro Inertial Navigation Systems Graham Simms FIMechE
01/04/2019 The History of Blackbushe Airport Dennis Judd S&T Group member
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Meeting – 7th January. Colorectal Cancer Screening

Our speaker on 7th January will be Professor Stephen Halloran:

“Professor Stephen Halloran MBE FRCPath is based in Guildford, UK. He developed and directed the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Southern Hub from its inception in 2006 until his retirement in March 2015.  Stephen developed and directed the NHS Guildford Medical devices Evaluation Centre (GMEC), was Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of Clinical Biochemistry for 15 years, managing editor of Labtestsonline-UK and was Consultant Clinical Biochemist at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Surrey, was the lead editor of the 2010 European guidelines on CRC screening, chair of the World Endoscopy Organisation Committee on screening with Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) and author of over 80 publications on CRC screening. Stephen is an international advisor on colorectal cancer (CRC) screening most recently in Belarus, Japan, China, Malta, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland, Taiwan, Latvia, Guernsey, Cyprus, Lebanon and several member states of the EU. Stephen is an advisor to Public Health England and NHS England in their implementation of FIT screening of CRC. He is an advisor to EuropaColon and Bowel Cancer UK and trustee to GUTS. Stephen chairs a new PHE group to encourage, support and review, research and development of a personalised, risk-based approach to population-based FIT screening in the UK.”

Professor Halloran has provided a background paper for his presentation.  You’ll find it HERE.

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First hint of near-room-temperature superconductor

Roger has provided a link to a recent item in Nature about ‘high’ temperature superconductors.  (I told him that my daughter researched the subject for her PhD, so I’ve been ‘sensitised’ to the topic, and to the – over? – optimistic projections, for quite a few years.).  Click on the picture to read the Nature article.

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Incident at Peckham Rye station

Something different again this week.  Failures are – unfortunately – part and parcel of engineering.  Learning from failure is – fortunately – one of the ways of making progress.

Anyone who’s been involved with failures knows that usually there’s no single cause.  Rather, multiple factors combine to cause what may be a disaster.  Although it’s more operational than engineering, the article that I’ve been reading recently illustrates the ‘multiple factor’ aspect in all its glory.  Click on the picture – a rather fuzzy one – to learn more.

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